Urban Lines & Colors


I always liked TAKING PICTURES.

At the age of 15 with my first camera in the late 70's, I was taking B&W photos of my friends and then developing them at my school photo lab. I still have some contact sheets from these "vintage" years.

My other passion : TRAVELLING.

Taking pictures was a way to keep discoveries and memories alive. The 80's and 90's were the "slide" years. You had to think for 15 mn before shooting, it was expensive. Back home you had to send the film by post and wait for 2 weeks before discovering the result !

Gradually I then switched from "grandpa landscapes" to architectural details. I still have hundreds of (bad) scans from all over the world.

In 2002, things became easier with my first digital camera and me, on my side, crazy about photography. I started using a more sophisticated approach to photography, wide-angle views did not interest me anymore and my friends started to complain "we do not even see the monument anymore !".

Anything is "photo possible".

Discovering the unexpected framing, the unusual colox mix and then shoot my OWN photo is nowadays what fascinates me. And no need to travel, anything is potentially "photo-interesting".


I am happy to introduce you to my work.